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The Importance of Understanding


Interrogation of the eight-year-old accused murderer by Members of the Apache County Sheriff’s Department.- four parts

The Blond interrogator is Detective Debbie Neckel, recently promoted from school liaison officer. She was a neighbor of the accused and was friendly with him.The other is Commander Therese Avilla. the confessor of Apache County, Arizona.

Interrogation of eight-year-old video part 1

Interrogation of eight-year-old video part 2

Interrogation of eight-year-old video part 3

Interrogation of eight-year-old video part 4

Transcript of interrogation

Interrogation of eight-year-old-transcript

Discovery Commander Avilla

Discovery Deposition of Commander Avila

There is a fundamental difference between believing in God and being God. Religious extremists cannot make that distinction.

And, so it seems, many of us mere mortals also miss that important difference.

Brian McCorkle

Dassey Audio, Video, and Transcripts
New Items 25 November, 2016

Interrogation of eight-year-old and other St. Johns Double Homicide Links

Ken Kratz Scandal Links

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