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The Importance of Understanding

ken kratz Scandal links

Emails between Ken Kratz and Wisconsin Department of Justice

Self-report to Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Responsibility

Ryan Foley interview of Ken Kratz

Disciplinary complaint by Office of Lawyer Regulation

Disciplary complaint by Office of Lawyer Regulation

Wisconsin Department of Justice documents and Findings

DOJ Investigation part 1

DOJ Investigation part 2

DOJ Investigation part 3

DOJ Investigation part 4

DOJ Investigation part 5

DOJ Investigation part 6

DOJ Investigation part 7

Scott Hassett candidate for Attorny General 2010 critique of AG JB Van Holland's handling of the scandal
Critique of Wisconsin DOJ handling of Kratz case

Press release by Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board
Press release by Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board

Wisconsin DOJ does not file criminal charges against Former Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz

Press Release from Ken Kratz

2009 Conference on Crimes Against Women. Tom Fassbender, Norm Gahn, Ken Kratz and Mark Wiegert are featured presenters (pp. 9, 10). It is not clear who paid for transportation and lodging or if these four received a fee.
Brochure, 2009 Conference on Crimes Against Women

There is a fundamental difference between believing in God and being God. Religious extremists cannot make that distinction.

And, so it seems, many of us mere mortals also miss that important difference.

Brian McCorkle

Dassey Audio, Video, and Transcripts
New Items 25 November, 2016

Interrogation of eight-year-old and other St. Johns Double Homicide Links

Ken Kratz Scandal Links

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