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Dassey Confessions – Recordings and Transcripts

These are links to audio and Quicktime video tapes of the four recorded interrogation sessions of Brendan Dassey. You can download the linked files with a control‑click or a right‑click. I am also including pdf files of various court documents.

This started it for me. The 2 March, 2006, inflammatory press conference by Ken Kratz demonstrated all that is wrong with Wisconsin prosecutors.

Ken Kratz inflamatory press conference. Children under fiften-leave the room!!

Confession audios, videos, and transcripts.

27 February, 2006 Confessions

Mishicot High School recorded on tape.

This is the audio recorded at Mishicot High School. Part One is a noisy and poorly recorded tape. Part Two is a cleaner tape. These were recorded in the morning of 27 February, 2006.

Part One at Mishicot High School Audio

Part Two at Mishicot High School Audio

Transcript of Mishicot High School Interrogation

Video of 27 March, 2006 afternoon session at Two Rivers, WI Police Department

Two Rivers Police Department Session Video

Transcript of the Two Rivers Police Department session

Missing-not recorded Fox Hills Resort sessions evening of 27 February, 2006

After the two sessions on 27 February, Investigator Wiegert and Special Agent Fassbender placed Brendan, his brother Blaine, and their mother at the Fox Hills Resort in Mishicot, Wisconsin.

They testified they were concerned about the safety of three. However, that concern evaporated the next morning. Audio recorded on 1 March, 2007 demonstrates that the interrogation continued from the 27 February interrogations earlier in the day.

Tom Fassbender and Calumet County deputies were present and the interrogation continued. Fassbender mentions information gained from these sessions after he and Wiegert picked Brendan Dassey up on 1 March, 2006. Then they asked Brendan to supply the jeans that he said were bleach splattered.

01 March, 2006

Transcript of audio recording while Brendan Dassey was Transported to Manitowoc County on 1 March, 2006.

Transcript of audio in police car.

Video of the confession made at the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department 1 March 2006.

There are three parts.

1 March 2006 Part One Video

1 March 2006 Part Two Video

1 March 2006 Part Three Video

Transcript 1 March, 2006 session

13 May, 2006 Confession without the presence of Dassey’s Attorney. Arranged by defense investigator Michael O'Kelly.

Brendan Dassey was not represented by his attorney before or during this session.

13 May 2006 Part One Video

13 May 2006 Part Two Video

13 May 2006 Confession Transcript

Documents from Avery Trial Defense Attorneys.

Lawrence T. White. Ph.D Expert opinion on Brendan Dassey’s false confession prepared for the Avery trial attorneys if the state forced Dassey to testify. This witness was available to the Dassey trial attorneys.

Lawrence T. White Ph.D expert opinion.

This post trial memorandum was because of the effect of the public and fanciful crime scene reenactment by Special Prosecutor Kratz on 1 March, 2006. Note that the presentence report investigator used erroneous information from that televised press conference. Judge Willis did not correct the report.

Statement from Avery trial attorneys on the impact of the Brendan Dassey confession and the glaring inconsistencies of facts and theories of the State between the two trials.

Interviews with Brendan Dassey’s trial Attorneys

Mark Fremgren interview

Ray Edelstein interview

Investigator Mark Wiegert grabbing sixteen‑year‑old Dassey's leg during interrogation.

Interrogator Wiegert grabbing leg of juvenile

There is a fundamental difference between believing in God and being God. Religious extremists cannot make that distinction.

And, so it seems, many of us mere mortals also miss that important difference.

Brian McCorkle

Dassey Audio, Video, and Transcripts
New Items 25 November, 2016

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