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Sheboygan County DA Strikes Again

This time, the intrepid Sheboygan County District Attorney, Joe DeCecco, wants to throw a seventeen‑year‑old male in prison and add him to the State’s burgeoning sex offender list. His claim is that Kou Yang is guilty of repeated sexual assault of a child. Yang’s common‑law wife gave birth when they were both sixteen.

This story begins when both the mother and father were fourteen. They engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. But, DeCecco did not charge the mother with the same crime. The two continued their relationship and had a child in December, 2007. They were granted a marriage license in January, 2008. This required notarized parental approval for both parties.

Months after the birth of this child, DeCecco decided it was time to ruin another set of lives. An arrest warrant dated 14 March, 2008 was the result.

If DeCecco wants to make the age of Yang a factor, the issue is the age of Yang at the time of the conception. Yang turned seventeen on 12 November, 2007. Since they were both sixteen at the time of conception, the crimes should cancel out.

But, DeCecco has sex on his mind. He was the person who brought charges against a mother laster year for exposing herself to her son. DeCecco agreed that children could see their naked mother without harm, but the charges against this mother were because she wore a thong in front of her five‑year‑old son. In Sheboygan County, hairy vaginas are safe, but thongs are harmful to minors.

Now DeCecco might find a thong harmful to his own mental health, but I suspect a young child could care less.

DeCecco also blamed a jury last year that delivered a not guilty verdict when he clearly overcharged the accused.

DeCecco has done this sort of thing before. In 2006 a fifteen year‑old girl gave birth at Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center. A social worker associated with the hospital quizzed the mother and reported the father to authorities.

DeCecco charged that adlt father with a felony also but agreed to a deferred prosecution when the parents married. He must be hard up for sex cases now to go after a minor.

This is not all DeCecco’s fault. The Wisconsin legislature has crafted laws designed to turn young males into sexual predators. In reality, most of the individuals who are treated as dangerous sexual predators are really guilty of statutory rape at the most. But, draconian lawmakers at Madison pander to the prison lobbies, Human Services Bureaucracy expansionists, and gender feminists.

The result is an extraordinary cost to the citizens of Wisconsin in prison and jail costs. Lost productivity of those accused and sentenced or branded is lost income and taxes. The personal costs to individuals and their families are high as well. Plus the present legal practices incite paranoia and cover up the fact the greatest danger to children is parents.

The question I have is why DeCecco did not charge the mother. She was a willing participant and her partner was a minor as well.

Well, alpha males in Wisconsin act to reduce the number of available males. The legal system views females as flighty and in need of protection.* Apparently, males have all the responsibility in any male‑female relationship.

Could DeCecco exercise his prosecutorial discretion and drop the charges? Why not allow this young father to proceed unblemished by some of the foolish and draconian actions of this prosecutor?

*But, in any given age cohort, at least after puberty, females have a better‑developed intellect and maturity.

by Brian McCorkle
posted on 31 March, 2008 at 19:50 pm
in category Rants

Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco wants to turn a seventeen‑year‑old father into a sex offender. But, DeCecco ignores charging the youth’s wife with the same crime.

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