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Republican Scott Walker’s Running Mate Undermines the Poor

Rebecca Kleefisch, the running mate of the Republican Wisconsin Governor hopeful Scott Walker has demonstrated a rather callous attitude toward poor persons in the state.

In political television ad, Kleefisch managed to publicize her treatment of breast cancer, while intimating that subsidized care such as under the recent health care bill would not have given her a cure.

She didn’t say that she has the advantage of being covered under a very low cost health plan provided by Wisconsin for legislators. Kleefisch’s husband is Representative Joel Kleefisch, a Republican from Oconomowoc. That cost for a family plan is $85.00 per month.

But, the big problem is there are many persons who simply cannot afford health care. They will certainly be ineligible for the treatments that Kleefisch praised. They will die while the Lieutenant Governor hopeful can continue her political career.

At the end of the ad, Republican Governor candidate Scott Walker joined Kleefisch in showing solidarity for her discrimination against the poor.

This has been a talking point for Republicans generally. They claim that health care will be worse when the Obama health care bill is implemented. But, Republicans and other critics have no way of knowing for sure. Those fat cats may have to share some of their health care resources with the lower and middle classes.

And, the lower class and marginalized might finally have a chance to share in the American dream of quality health care.

If persons like the Republican Rebecca Kleefisch have their way, that care will be continued to be denied. This is reminiscent of the American eugenics programs of the 1930’s.

by Brian McCorkle
posted on 25 October, 2010 at 19:31 pm
in category Rants

Republicans have a common desire to deny health care equality to the poor. Recent statements by Rebecca Kleefisch, Lieutenant Governor candidate shows this clearly

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