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Governor Scott Walker Hedges his Claims

In 2010 Lieutenant Governor Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch starred in a commercial where she praised her treatment for cancer while undermining the upcoming Affordable Care Act. Governor Candidate Scott Walker appeared at the end of the commercial to show is solidarity for denying citizens access to health care.

In September, 2018, Kleefisch claimed in a new campaign ad that Governor Scott Walker would not allow persons with preexisting conditions to be denied insurance coverage. A couple of weeks later Walker introduced a proposal to protect preexisting conditions to a disinterested Republican led legislature. He knew that proposal had no chance, but it made him look good on paper. But, his proposal was made after the Kleefisch ad.

Earlier Walker made a similar proposal while having his Attorney General, Brad Schimel, fight to deny affordable health care to Americans.

Scott Walker has a history of spitting out his talking points at any opportunity. Here, he can claim his support for Wisconsinites needing health care while simultaneously working to undermine a program that had the potential to provide good health care to millions of Americans. Call him Mr. Glib.

Kleefisch is claiming that the states should be doing the healthcare to protect the poor and chronically ill. While that may sound good, the practice has been contrary. A 2016 report “Access to Health Care for Low-Income Adults in States with and without Expanded Eligibility” from the Government Accountability Office compared access to health care in states that signed expanded Medicaid access under the affordable care act to those that did not. The non expansion states showed a significantly poorer response to health care needs.

The Affordable Health Care Act AKA Obamacare had problems. But, Republicans did not want to help make the repairs that would make the act work for all. Senator Mitch McConnell proposed a fix that was repeal and replace. I do not believe that Senator McConnell had any intention to replace the Affordable Health Care Act after repeal. The dishonesty of the Senate Republican plan was enormous.

It is important to consider that healthy persons are more able to take part in items like job creation and self sufficiency.

Now that the election is close and Scott Walker is fearing the prospect of losing his office, he has proposed to install coverage from the Affordable Health Care Act if Republicans are successful in destroying affordable health care for Americans.

He is also stating that Wisconsin does not now deny coverage for preexisting conditions. But, that is because of the marketplace insurance coverage provided by the Affordable Health Care Act. This is what Scott Walker has been working to destroy by having his Attorney General, Brad Schimel, file a lawsuit. Mr. Glib is trying to take credit for results of a program he is trying to destroy.

When Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, he showed the same disdain for his responsibilities to care for citizens. He slashed funding for general assistance medical care and for programs to treat drug and alcohol addiction.

When a scandal at the Milwaukee County Hospital surfaced, Walker responded by removing one fifth of the staff instead of addressing terrible staffing problems that were a part of the scandal. As a result, a woman was placed in the same ward as a sexually violent patient and became pregnant; That same violent patient had been left unattended with other patients.

Milwaukee County and County Executive Scott Walker were responsible for the care and well being of patients at the hospital. Walker was a failure for his lack of responsibility. He continued to allow problems to occur at the hospital and did nothing to handle the mismanagement there. Scott Walker has also been credited for allowing a sexually abusive psychiatrist to continue working at the hospital with Walker and his staff covering up for the failed psychiatrist.

One of Walker’s staff stated that “No one cares about Crazy People.” There was no reprimand from Walker.

That’s the kind of guy he is.

by Brian McCorkle
posted on 4 November, 2018 at 18:51 pm
in category Rants

While Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is claiming credit for result of the Affordable Health Care Act, Attorney General Brad Schimel is suing to stop the act. That’s the kind of person Walker is.

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