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Governor Scott Walker and the Christmas Con

Wisconsin’s Governor, Republican Scott Walker, has aired a political ad disguised as a feel good Christmas message.

The thirty-second video features Walker’s wife, Tonette. Her voice and image are the main focus of the commercial.

The message from the video is contrary to Walker’s policies. Ms. Walker states that “It’s tough time for many families …” and “Wisconsinites have a long tradition of helping their neighbors.”

She goes on to exhort us citizens to “put our differences aside” because of the “season, and move forward together.” The Governor closes with “From our family to yours, blessings of the season.”

The plea to “move forward together” is contrary to the behaviors of the Governor and his fellow Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature. Indeed, the claim that Wisconsinites help their neighbors was already shown to be false with Walker’s attempts to undermine health care for all Wisconsin citizens.

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch gave a speech during the 2010 campaign praising State paid insurance from her husband for saving her health as opposed to the kind of insurance that poor people would get. Her point was that insurance provided for the poor should be abolished since her Wisconsin Assembly health insurance was so great.

I can appreciate the need to tighten our belts and look at reducing expenditures. Former Governor, James Doyle, and his Democrats in the legislature were squandering resources on some feel good issues that will have a financial impact for a long time.

But, the Republicans have been engaging in one-sided maneuvers, and flexing their muscle to the point of benefiting the Party above the electorate.

The idea that the present Republican behaviors can backfire does not concern the party, which indicates amateurish thinking from those emboldened by their rise to power. A look back at the short-term of Republican Governor Scott McCallum should be a lesson.

McCallum was saddled with excessive debt and spending that resulted from policies of his predecessor after Republican Tommy Thompson, accepted a cabinet post from President George W. Bush. McCallum’s abrasive and bullying tactics led to a lopsided defeat by Doyle. McCallum was the only incumbent Republican governor to be defeated by a Democrat in that election year.

The beginning of the commercial contains a five-second text “Paid for Friends of Scott Walker, Kate Lind, Treasurer.” The text is designed to fade into the background. The real source and intent are concealed from the viewer.

And, the commercial uses Walker’s wife the voice a message that is contrary to the behaviors of the Governor while he is at her side is deceptive as well. She is speaking a message that Walker and his Republican cohorts have no interest in promoting.

by Brian McCorkle
posted on 9 January, 2012 at 20:45 pm
in category Rants

Governor Scott Walker pretends to give a Christmas season greeting via his wife

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