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Did the Sheriff Blab too Much?

People do like to talk in high profile cases. I have covered earlier escapades of various players in another post. Now, the Manitowoc County Sheriff is on the hot seat for his utterances.

It seems that early in the Halbach murder case, Sheriff Ken Peterson made statements to effect that Avery was guilty. That is if Avery ever got out of prison, he would kill again. Now, Avery did not kill anybody before his first stint in prison. Avery has not been convicted of; nor confessed to; the murder of Teresa Halbach. So the sheriff’s comments were truly out of line.

And, Peterson was involved with the 1985 sexual assault investigation that wrongfully charged Avery and enabled the wrongful conviction of Avery. Since deputies from the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department were improperly involved with the investigation of Avery in the Halbach case, conflict of interest is present. No doubt, many officers with Manitowoc County are competent, honest, and diligent. But, the sheriff is in charge and by his words has skewed the direction of the investigation. Very much like the sheriff in the sexual assault case where the rapist went on to commit more crimes because the sheriff refused to consider evidence or consult with others.

Peterson is also credited with claiming that Avery would have more easily murdered that framed. Maybe so, but rationality is seldom a factor in crimes. The idea of murdering a person over a lawsuit suggests criminal thinking.

Not too long ago, Evangelist Pat Robertson suggested the United States murder Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. That statement was met with shock and anger. Of course, in the present case, prosecutors are expressing disgust that anyone would think the Sheriff could be biased because of his statements.

This type of unprofessional behavior will cause grief. Already, there is the problem of the Halbach vehicle key found in plain sight by Manitowoc County deputies. And it turns out that Manitowoc deputies more involved in the original search than publicized.

In the 1985 sexual assault case, the county sheriff caused a wrongful conviction and implanted false memories in a sexual assault victim. Today’s sheriff was involved with that case. It seems that he didn’t like the truth of the exoneration.

by Brian McCorkle
posted on 31 July, 2006 at 22:16 pm
in category Steven Avery

Manitowoc County Sheriff Ken Peterson has been bad mouthing Steven Avery. And he provided deputies to be active in Avery’s investigation despite conflict of interest. Is he following in the footsteps of the sheriff who guided the 1985 rape case to a wrongful conviction?

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